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FreeEats Marketing
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How many times a day do you pick up your phone?

In the last hour alone I have opened 6 text messages, picked it up 3 times just to see if there were any notifications, and fielded close to 10 emails. It may seem like a lot, it may seem like a little - but one thing is undeniable: we all use our phone on a regular basis, and most of us can never ignore a notification. That's what inspired FreeEats - understanding the way in which people operate with technology, and how that operating can lead to successful marketing. 

FreeEats is a mobile optimized marketing assist company that leverages the power of our connections to cell phones. 


engaged audience

If you're familiar with how current advertising works, you know how frustrating it can be to try to convert audiences from facebook, google, twitter etc. With an expected conversion rate of 2% in facebook ads, we understand that frustration. That's one of the primary benefits of FreeEats - we have an audience filled with only people that have asked to see your ads; that's why our conversion rates jump up to 20-40%. Imagine how much easier your life would be if you were setting up online ads that converted at a 40% rate. Shoot us an email to learn how you can do this too. 


What we do with our phones, defines your success as an advertiser

We pull out our phones for everything: to take pictures, to call loved ones, to send text messages, to check our emails, to scroll through social media, to play music. Everything we do on our phone creates one more thing that we use these small computers for every day. The more we do on them, the more we are interacting with content in the digital world. That's the premise FreeEats was based on. We leverage people's constant desire and use of cell phones to make it possible for you to get your message in front of the right people. 


Want to learn more? Check out our video - we'll be surprised if you don't want to join in too!


What could you do with direct access to your potential client base, and lower cost per client acquisition?